of the new Blockchain-Based AI Economy

What is BCA ?

The BCA (Blockchain-Centric AI) Protocol pioneering infrastructure solution, fusing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine data ownership and utilization.

It is effectively transforming the digital browsing industry and changing they way people interact with the internet, directly fueling the progression of AI models with user generated data.

The protocol enables every internet user on the planet to generate their own smart cookie and monetize their data through the Browse-To-Earn model using cross-chain solution ⛓

Solving issues of privacy, transparency and efficiency within the currently centralized Big Data landscape, by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (ZK), and AI based LLM. Through its innovative "own-your-cookie" technology, BCA empowers every internet user to create their own "Smart"web3 cookie, enabling them to directly earn on their browsing data and control their internet journey .

Empowering every internet user on the planet to own a piece of the $200 Billion Industry!

BCA Ecosystem :

  1. Web3 Infrastructure for data collection and annotation for purposes of AI training.

  2. Data marketplace (AI-computed, browser datasets)

  3. Layer 3 blockchain

  4. AI - Advertising Hub (Blockchain-Ads)

What is $BCA token?

It is a utility token that powers the BCA Ecosystem and economy. It is used as a unit of account in the new, blockchain-based digital browsing economy. The token is not a digital currency, security or a commodity.

The $BCA token is fundamental as proof of personhood within the own-your-cookie infrastructure, and its being integrating into Blockchain-Ads Ad Network as a method for transaction.

To learn more about how the $BCA token is working with the BCA EcoSystem, please see the BCA token economy.

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What is Blockchain-Ads?

The World's Most Advanced Web3 Advertising Network

At the core of the BCA EcoSystem is the Blockchain-Ads Ad Network designed for both Web3 and transitioning Web2 solutions. Servicing highly regulated industries like crypto, gambling, CBD, and tobacco.

Blockchain-Ads Ad Network is currently used by industry leaders such as Binance, Coinbase, OKX, Gala as part of their marketing strategy. Explore here: https://www.blockchain-ads.com/case-studies

Displaying hyper-targeted personalized ads to people based on their on-chain holdings and activity.

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